Before humanitarian airdrop over Deir Ezzor, here is what entered to the city from the beginning of the siege until now

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor documented, by its correspondents and depending on four witnesses, the overall humanitarian aids that were entered to the besieged neighborhoods since January 5th 2015 until mid-February 2016.


The witness, from the besieged neighborhood of Al Qusour, mentioned that the Red Crescent transported, by a big cargo aircraft – Ilyushin- landed on Deir Ezzor airport, the first batch in April 12th 2015 that contains 30 tons of rice and margarine, followed by two batches in April 13th, and 28th 2015.

The total of food aids that were entered by the Red Crescent between April and May is 125 tons along with 25 tons of medical aids and dialysis requirements. The aids were distributed as food parcels that include 2kg of sugar and 2kg of rice. Most of medical aids were stored in Assad public hospital and the military one. At that time, the estimation of the Red Crescent for the population was more than 280 thousand civilians.

No humanitarian aids were entered to the besieged neighborhoods until August 10th 2015 where 100 packages of ready-to-eat items along with 200 packages after two days. In August 14th, another batch was entered as well. The total of the entered aids is 8.5 tons, and all of them were transported by Antonov aircrafts to Deir Ezzor military airport. No aids were distributed to the besieged civilians at that time, but were taken by military officers.

After the battles intensified near to the military airport of Deir Ezzor between ISIS and the government forces, the Red Crescent entered 100 packages of aids by helicopters in November 25th, 200 packages in December 2015, and 85 packages in January 11th 2016. The helicopter were taking off and landing on “Al Talaea’ camp and brigade 137.

In Mid-January 2016, the Russian Defense announced that it has airdropped humanitarian aids to Deir Ezzor. The aids were six containers and controlled by the members of brigade 137, as confirmed by a female witness who refused to reveal her identity for security reasons. Likewise and according to a witness from Al Qusour neighborhood, in January 19th  six containers were airdropped, in January 20th seven containers were airdropped, in January 25th four containers were airdropped and collected the military members as nobody could come close to them.

 The SARC branch in Deir Ezzor announced on its Facebook page in February 10th 2016 that 2850 food parcels were entered. The SARC volunteers have distributed the parcels after couple of days to the civilians in accordance with the official documents of the family, SARC card, and the ID of the beneficiaries, as confirmed by JFL correspondent.

JFL observatory confirms that the humanitarian aids that were entered to the besieged neighborhoods are too little and never meet the severe needs of 30 thousand families who are suffering from lack of food and medicine over a year of siege.

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