The Besieged Neighborhood of Harabesh Sends a Disaster Call Due to Absence of Food

The civilians of the besieged neighborhood of Harabesh, that is controlled by government forces, sends a disaster call as there is almost no food items in the neighborhoods since it has been isolated from Joura and Qusour neighborhoods, and after the group’ offensive on the besieged neighborhoods in January 13th 2017.

Such isolation prevented the operation of providing the airdropped aid to the besieged neighborhood as distribution was limited to the besieged civilians in Joura and Qusour.

It should be noted that the person in Harabesh neighborhood has the opportunity to have only half of loaf of bread maximum, in addition to some vegetables that are planted in the neighborhood. The stored goods in Deir Ezzor airport are being sold at remarkably high prices.

“Islamic State” group has laid the siege on the government held neighborhoods in January 5th 2015. These neighborhoods remained without any humanitarian or relief aid until April 10th 2016 as the World Food Programme started to airdrop food items on these neighborhoods.

The civilians of Harabesh neighborhood, which is located the west of Deir Ezzor airport, suffer from dire conditions as there is neither food nor medicine. In other words, the civilians are threatened by death in case the situation remained as it is.

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