The Besieged Neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor.. The Aid distribution And forcing children to dig trenches

This summary is focusing on the Humanitarian conditions in the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor ( Al-Jura,Al-Qosour and Harabesh) under the domination of the Syrian regime forces in the period between 8 and 14 August 2017.

The Humanitarian Aid:

The Red Crescent of Deir Ezzor still distributing aid to civilians, which is being entered by the WFP by Air drops, the red crescent started the distribution on the date of 6 August, each food basket includes: Sugar 5Kg,lentil 7Kg and 1 Kg of salt, the distribution stopped on the 10th of the same month, the Red Crescent of Deir Ezzor announced on 8 August that the delivery of 20 tons of Aid to Harabesh neighborhood succeeded in cooperation with the WFP, the Humanitarian Aid was delivered by 26 Parachute contained: vegetable oil,Sugar,lentil,Salt,Rice and Bulgur, reportedly, the Islamic state group has isolated Harabesh neighborhood from Al-Jura and Al-Qosour neighborhoods, and the prevented the arriving of the Humanitarian Aid dropped on Al-jura And Al-Qosour neighborhoods.

The period from 12 and 14 august witnessed a lack of bread freely distributed by the Red Crescent due to a breakdown in the mill of those neighborhoods.

The Escape from the besieged neighborhoods:

Several families succeeded in getting out in the period between 8 and 14 of August after the approval of the regime forces commander, General Rafik Shhatha, some families made an Application to get out before 6 months, some medical Emergency cases were allowed to get out of the besieged neighborhoods by Helicopters.

The targeting of the besieged neighborhoods:

The Islamic state group targeted Al-Qosour besieged neighborhood under the domination of the regime forces with two mortar shells on 8th of August, the targeting occurred about 10:00 am and caused the death of two civilians, one of them was a child died of his injuries after two days.

  Mohammed Abdullah Alessa, died of his injuries on 10 August after he was severely wounded due to A Mortar Shell fell on AlQosour neighborhood on 8 August.

The persecution of men for reserve duty:

The commander of the regime forces gave an a order to stop the campaigns of conscription except “Forced Labor” campaign, in this campaign the civilians are being forced to dig trenches and carrying sand bags for the regime forces, this campaign targeted civilians under 17 years old, and still chasing the men for reserve duty.

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