Clashes Continue for the fourth Straight Day between Government Forces and Islamic State Group Militants

 Heavy clashes between government forces and Islamic State fighters continue on many fronts of Deir Ezzor city for the fourth consecutive day as dozens were killed from both sides. Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor’ reporter said that “Islamic State Group was able to advance, whereas Police School, Assad Hospital, and the military road still in the line of fire.

 Assad Hospital in the city of Deir Ezzor

 The group continues shelling the government held neighborhoods by mortar shells, that caused the death of three women and a child, along with a civilian was sniped by a group-likely fighter in the government held neighborhood of Harabish. On the other hand, government and allies’ warplanes still fly in the sky of Deir Ezzor as dozens of air strikes were launched on the positions where the group could capture, in addition to the neighborhoods of Al Urdi, Al Hameedia, and Al Ummal and resulted in the death of a man with his wife and son yesterday. Moreover, government warplanes targeted the town of Muhasan and killed three civilians at least.

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