The continuation of bombardment on several areas in Deir Ezzor

The JFL has documented several airstrikes on Al-Mayadin city on 17 March 2017

The JFL reporter has mentioned that fighter jets which are most likely belong to the US-led coalition targeted the dusty bridge and the media point of the Islamic state in Subaykhaan village during those raids.

The reporter said: ” the fighter jets which are most likely belong to the regime forces targeted the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor like Al-Hamidiyah,Al-Ommal,Al-Hawika , Kanamat , the River street and AL-Thardah mountain with several Airstrikes.

The reporter added:” a person from Al-Boleel was killed on 19 March 2017 by a bullet fired from the side of Hawijat Sakar on the besieged neighborhood of Harabish which is under the domination of the regime forces, and a woman was killed on 15 March by the mortar shells of the Islamic state on Al-Jurah neighborhood.

The reporter has mentioned that the Red crescent has distributed free bread in the besieged neighborhoods after Khaled bin AlWaleed bakery burned.

On the other hand … Syrian democratic forces have forced cars owers in Al-Jazrat villages to go to Ain Al-Arab and that to register their cars and put plates.

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