Deir Ezzor … Detention and Extortion of Civilians, and Oil Smuggling

Brief Report on Latest Updates in Some Deir Ezzor Areas

Despite the control of Syrian government forces and Syria Democratic Forces over the entire province of Deir Ezzor after driving ISIS out, yet the civilians are still suffering from multiple problems as these forces are still committing violations against the civilians including detention, torture, and humiliation. The province is divided into two parts in terms of controlling power; the Syria government forces, supporting and affiliated militias along with foreign forces are controlling the cities, towns, and villages that are located in the south of Euphrates River, whereas the Syria Democratic Forces, with support of the US-led international coalition, control the areas located in the north of the river.

This present report covers the latest developments in the two parts of Deir Ezzor in terms of the existing military powers, most prominent violations, fears of civilians, returning of IDPs, and the provided services.

This report focuses on the cities of Deir Ezzor and Al Mayadin, in the south of the river, along with Al Kasra sub-district, the villages of Gharaneej, Al Kishkia, and Abu Hamam, in the north of the river.

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