Deir Ezzor, in numbers, at the night prior to Eid



More than 230 thousand civilians have been under 258 days of siege, half of which are women and children spreading across small neighborhoods with 4 kilometers square of inhabited area.
At the night prior to Eid, the media is promoting support and help from the republic castle, 50 cartons are distributed during the filming of the activity until everything has passed.
In the night prior to Eid, the authority (regime) distributes: 1 kilogram of sugar, 1 liter of oil, 2 kilos of Burghol.
In the night prior to Eid, a pregnant woman stands in a line of food-relief supplies for hours under the hot sun, and she gets a miscarriage.
178 days without electricity with a clear statement (from the authority) not to fix it or put it back.
Hospitals are without staff, medicine isn’t sold except in the black-market and the first aid squad has stopped.
Water pipes aren’t pumping right, and water is filled with soil.
6 people are dead due to hunger, 7 are dead due to sickness because of the siege.

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