Deir EzZor.. The dust of warplanes

The report has contained samples from airstrikes which targeted the civilian locations in Deir Ez Zor governorate. Air strikes targeted the city of Deir Ez Zor ( Al Ordy neighborhood, Al Takaya street), Almayadin city ( Al Aeed yard and popular market), Abu Kamal city (Near to Omar Bin Khatab mosque) Al Kassra town(shops in Muhamedah village) Al Tibni town (some civilins’ houses in Al Khan rally and the salt mine) including bridges. The report is covering the regime, allies and Coalition air strikes while it did not include the locations that have been believed that they might be military targets due to the difficulty of getting the details around the targeted locations because the rejection of any request to ISIS   for reach those locations during the air striking and aftermath.

Under the purpose of saving lives in Deir Ez Zor, the Justice for Life Observatory in DeirEzzor has established a team containing nine people, seven of them have participated in a workshop in two sectors; the first sector was conducted for two days aiming to review the legal framework for the randomly airstrikes in the civilian areas and the legal framework of torturing and maltreatment.

During those two days, two types of reports have been designed; one about the randomly airstrikes and another about maltreatment in Deir Ez Zor governorate. Accordingly, the tasks have been divided between the trainees and two teams have been established with one coordinator for each team. The trainees during one month and five days have collected testifies for both reports through direct interviews and via communication tools such as Skype, Whatsapp and phone calls. The report has depended on twenty testifies in its methodology. These testifies have been collected and conducted by the observatory researchers as there are fifteen testifies which have been collected from direct interviews and five of them have been collected from direct calls conducted in and out Syria.

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