Deir Ezzour under siege The Fifth month report


With the Syrian revolution entering its fifth year, the suffering of people of Deir Ezzour governorate continues severely; the governorate whose people participated actively in the “revolution of dignity” since the forth month of 2011.

In spite of the violence used by the regime against apprising cities, He failed to break the Will of the people of Deir Ezzour. Today the regime is destroying more than two-thirds of the city, the number of martyrs is increasing on daily basis, statistics shows that the city lost more than 1500 martyrs so far.

Adding to the continuous shelling on the city, people continue to suffer being refugees for the third year.

Today, both the regime and ISIS are forcing a siege on the part of the city under the regime control, Joura & Kosour.  While,

people who happened to live in the parts under ISIS control, continue to suffer severely, No opposition is permitted, Accusations are always available, Apostasy, Infidelity, and Spying, a good remembrance of the late Assad regime.

 ISIS is narrowing the life space of those people due to their refusal to accept its presence among them, and the failure to gain enough pledges of allegiance, ISIS is committing the worst crimes and violations towards human beings and humanity.


–        The Educational sector: Education is still controlled by ISIS view and its criminal policies applied and imposed on both the Curriculum, and the teaching staff.

–        The Medical sector: The medical staff, including doctors and assistants are facing considerable harassments by ISIS personnel, ISIS closed all medical centers and offices, and prevents foreign medical organizations from acting and providing health care services.

–        The Media sector: ISIS continues to control and direct the media sector, which was originally founded to expose the violations of the regime, The media activists are subject to arresting and execution once they expose any news that is not per ISIS agenda.

–        The Relief and Human services sector: Human aid organizations in the city used to bear and cover 80% of the needs of the civilians, theses organizations were all prevented to act unless working under ISIS name and control. All bakeries used to provide free bread for people were closed. The “ Relief kitchen” providing cooked meal is still working to provide these meal for ISIS personnel and fighters, only surplus, if any, goes to civilians.

–        Total blackout and absence of electricity is still prevailing in this part of the city, blocking all life aspects, and adding to the suffering of people receiving bombing and shelling from both ISIS and the regime.

–        During last month, ISIS committed several massacres against people of the governorate, executing 66 victims accused of treasury, apostasy, theft, and infidelity.

–                    fouad ahmad alabdoulla
–                    malek altaan
–                    saleh alali alhosin
–                    mohamad Ismael ajajan
–                    Hassan albishry
–                    Hosin alali
–                    Abdoulla almeshab
–                    Marwan albishry
–                    Yasser alsaad
–                    Mohamad ibrahem alsalim
–                    Anwar ahmad alsaleh
–                    Ibrahem alsalem
–                    Hany torky alali
–                    Mohamad housi aljasem
–                    Kasem mahmood alhomada
–                    Jasem mohamad alantar
–                    Adnan altaan
–                    Hamood alali
–                    Ismael alabdo althalg
–                    Mohamad almokesh
–                    Riad alhamad
–                    Ahmad seebat alabaar
–                    Ahmad almokesh
–                    Hassan alahmad
–                    Ahmad ali alrkee
–                    Zead aluones
–                    Aboud aldali
–                    Abdoalrahman alali alasaad
–                    Naseer alshami
–                    Nawaf gadoo alkhalaf
–                    Lame alradawee
–                    Abdoalrahman almohamad alkhder
–                    Mohamad ahmad alfaiad
–                    Khaled alaboud
–                    Ramadan almohanad alrashed
–                    Hamed soultan alrawi
–                    Abd alhameed alaouny
–                    Gomaa almohamad
–                    Mohamad nawaf alhamood
–                    Aysar algamoos
–                    Hamady alborhan
–                    Assad alsayad
–                    Mohamad dwara
–                    amad moustafa alnofal
–                    abd Othman aleada
–                    taha jweer
–                    mohamad alshlash
–                    amen aldabee
–                    mohamad algaber
–                    gassan kzeza
–                    amad algaber
–                    hamad hmady
–                    kahtan alhasan
–                    ali alwardy
–                    jehad alwhaby

People in this part of the city are not only suffering ISIS violations and crimes, but also the shelling of explosive barrels by the regime, the last was on Hamidiya and Shaikhyasin regions, destroyed several buildings and killed 16 civilians, 8 of them were children, in 23/5/2015.

Eyad alkasmawy.

Malak ead alkasmawy.

Kalil eyad alkasmawy.

Tabarak eyad alkasma.wy

Alya nagem alabdoon.

Othman hasan alnagem.

Sara alhazaa.

Amnah alhazaa.

Hagwe alhazaa.

Samaa alhazaa.

Wafaa alhazaa.

Sedra alhazaa.

Ayman alhazaa.

The regime also shelled Al Husainiya village and Al Bouamer town with rockets and explosive barrels, killing 14 civilians.

Rasheed alaswad.

Raad atia aldandal.

Aboud atia aldandal.

Gehad Alomar.

Kaes alesmaael.

Kadeegah Alomar.

Tooka Alomar.

Belal Alomar.

Kansa Alomar.

Fayrooz alesmaeel.

Kamal altamer.

Fatemah altalab.

Rama altamer.

Ahmad altamer.

Regions under the control of the regime ( Joura & Kosour):

The other part of the city, which is under the control of the regime, with about 400,000 population, is entering the fifth month under siege, Civilians are facing the worst violations against human being, No food and medicine allowed to enter, No electricity or water, with the starting of summer and the terrible rise in temperature, People are not allowed to leave or get out of the under siege region, Arresting of young men to throw them in the front lines of fight against ISIS

–        120 days, No food.

–        75 days, No electricity.

–        90 days, No water ( few hours/24).

–        Lack of grocery items and vegetables, with 1500% increase in prices, once available. People here used to rely on the vegetables grown in Al Beghiliya area, which is no longer available, and not enough to satisfy their needs.

– The regime and a group of merchants and dealers are exploiting the bad need of people, providing few quantities of food, through the military airport, and selling through the regime organizations with very high prices, not to mention the humiliation people suffer to get these items, due to the inhuman behavior of the solders towards them.

– For more than a year now, the red crescent office is not acting, stopping the delivery of food stuff, except the one batch  delivered last month, which was brought through the airport, and was only enough to satisfy 20% of the needs.

– Bread, the only item that was available to civilians, stared to vanish, due to the big shortage and lack of flour in the few bakeries…

– With the entering of summer time, and the desert atmosphere prevailing, temperature started to exceed 45 degrees, along with the absence of electrical power.

– 50% of the medical centers stopped providing services, because of the siege and lack of electrical power, a threat to the life of the civilians who suffer the regular shelling by ISIS on these regions, and the lack of food. All pharmacies were closed due to total shortage of medicines.

The campaign has documented the death of 3 children after shelling over this area, namely ( Suhail Hamad Ibrahim, Mhmd Khalil Alsharif, Rami Yousef AlJassem).

On the other side, the regime is blackmailing people in these areas under siege to allow them to leave anywhere, Amounts ranging from 25000 to 50000 Syrian pounds paid to allow leaving through Al Beghikiya exit to Raqqa or countryside, or through the airport to Damascus.

As per the testimonies if people in these areas, the regime personnel are not suffering the impact of the siege, since all their needs are provided through the airport.

It is important to mention that, after ISIS occupied the city of Palmyra,  west to Deir Ezzour, and its main road to Damascus, Deir Ezzour is now under total siege by ISIS, No way out except through the airport controlled by the regime and used to transport its fighters and their needs.

During the last days, it was noticed that the regime is evacuating some of its centers, as an indication to surrender the city to ISIS.

Hereby, the campaign is rising an appeal to all international human organizations to contribute in ending this siege that caused terrible sufferings to innocent civilians, and to use influence on organizations acting in Syria to continue providing support, and do all efforts to help civilians under siege.

We also, strongly ask all Media bodies to reflect and expose the suffering of civilians, by all available means.

Conclusions and suggestions:  

In response to several previous disasters, the red crescent organization used airplanes to provide help and support to victim civilians, We hereby strongly ask the organization to use airplanes to provide aid to people under siege in Deir Ezzour.

The regime, as witnessed. Is hiring its planes to dealers to transport their stuff, even restricted due to high lease charges.

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