Due to the Grave Scene, I Could Not Feel Around Anymore

The duration of ISIS control on most of Deir Ezzor province resulted in hundreds of execution cases that conducted against civilians in ISIS jails, providing that hundreds of detainees whose fate is still unknown despite the fact that government forces and Syria democratic forces recaptured most of the province.

The charges that were took by ISIS to conduct executions varied, for instance and not limited to; dealing with armed opposition groups or Al Nusra Front, dealing with US-led coalition and SDF, blasphemy etc.

ISIS depends basically on information provided by the security agents in charging the civilians. There is no chance for the detainees or their relatives to provide any proof that is in contrary with the charges.

The locals in the areas held by ISIS had no chance to talk and narrate their testimonies concerning the violations due to fear from detention and being killed by ISIS.

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