Humanity is on Stake in Aleppo

The world stands silent, either of failure or conspiracy, towards what is going on in Aleppo. The words fail to describe the groaning of children and women, the pains of the elderly that are scattered on the roads of one of the oldest resided city in the history.
No city in the history has witnessed what Aleppo is doing; shelling, killing, and punishment that are practiced on the civilians who have no guilt but the fact that this is their land, and they decided not to leave it. Those civilians are being deracinated mercilessly and regardless of the humanitarian considerations.
By this deracination, memories, dreams, and a home are being deracinated from the hearts of the civilians. The neighborhoods that are held by the armed factions in the city of Aleppo are encountering different kinds if shelling by the Syrian forces and their allies, where they are targeting inhabited areas and medical points.
What the Syrian forces and their allies have been doing of indiscriminate shelling, executing, arresting, and kidnapping for six years, confirm that they do not respond to the international calls for halting the targeting of civilians and respecting the international humanitarian law.
Therefore, the Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor condemns the continuity of violating the international humanitarian law by the Syrian forces and their allies.
It also condemns the indiscriminate shelling on the areas that are resided by civilians, and holds the Syrian authorities responsible for what is going on in Aleppo. It warns of repeating what is happening in other Syrian areas today, and warns from huge influx of displacement in the future.
The observatory demands the following;
1. Pressure on the Syrian and Russian governments for stopping the targeting of the inhabited areas in Aleppo and other Syrian cities.
2. Neutralizing the civilians, not to bother them, opening humanitarian access for them, preparing safe areas to be hosted, and to keep them away from any danger, on the close or far levels.
3. The international community should activate the agreement of cessation of hostilities on all the Syrian ground and to guarantee the safety of the civilians.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor
December 13th, 2016

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