ISIS threatens Deir Ezzor doctors

After ISIS members’ increasing demand of doctors in Deir Ezzor province to get medical reports which could give them excused from being on the frontlines. The medical department’s responsible person in Deir Ezzor (Wilayat Al-Khair) Dr. Abo Adam Al-Masri publishing a statement using which he threatens doctors in the province with big punishments and penalties in case the reports weren’t true.

The penalties start from prison and financial payment until shutting down the clinic entirely in case ISIS found evidence that a medical report is flawed.

It’s important to mention that a lot of ISIS members feel depressed and bored due to the policies that ISIS is upholding and using to maginalize Al-Ansar’s (Syrian members) role and relying on Al-Muhajereen (immigrants) for the highest roles and positions, whose loyalty and honesty don’t give ISIS a second thought. And it threw Syrian members on the frontlines and the first cross-fire lines in battles.

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