“Islamic State/ISIS kidnapped him and Denied that after Seizing the Property”

Account of a Forcibly Disappeared Person at ISIS in Deir az-Zor


Muhammad, a pseudonym of a missing person by the group that called itself the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. He was married with seven young children and worked as a taxi driver; he came from a village in Deir az-Zor countryside.

In June 2015, Mohammed was transferring passengers from a village in Deir az-Zor countryside to Tell Abyad in Raqqa province. One day in an early morning, elements of ISIS kidnapped him, his family ignored the reason, seized his entire house and evicted his family who were denied to take a piece of the furniture, forcing them to displace and live in a tent. Muhammad’s family has not been able to know his fate yet. However, his car was later seen on al- Jazira al-Shamiya route driven by elements of ISIS.

One of those who were released from ISIS prisons told Muhammad’s family that Muhammad was in a prison and that he was subjected to severe torture with a metal rod by an element identified as Jassar, a security element for ISIS. This left no suspicion that ISIS stands behind his abduction despite the fact that the family had already asked elements of ISIS about Muhammad and they had denied his abduction or his presence with them.

 Muhammad’s disappearance caused great hardship to his family after losing his car and confiscating his house and forced the family to flee and live in a tent with extreme hunger. Moreover, they still depend on people’s relief although they were living a good well off life before Muhammad’s abduction and used to help the poor in the past. Effects of Muhammad’s abduction were evident on his children as well; they often walked in the streets and asked the passers-by if they had seen their father, Muhammad’s family testifies.

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