The JFL documented the death of a number of civilians from Deir Ezzor … and the Islamic state still confiscating the houses

The JFL documented the death of several civilians from the locals of Deir Ezzor province in different areas.

The JFL has mentioned that a 6 years old girl died in her house in Tab Al-Jura neighborhood due to the lack of healthcare and scarcity of medicine.

The reporter said:” on 3-4-2017 a girl was killed and two members of her family were seriously wounded on their way to Damascus due to the explosion of a landmine on the highway of Al-Hasakah – Deir Ezzor.

The reporter explained : ” A person has died meanwhile two others were injured on 1-4-2017 because of a traffic accident on Al-Salhiyeh bridge in Al-Bukamal which was targeted by the US-led coalition fighter jets a few days ago, the reporter said that all the passengers of the car are from Palmyra, and they fled to Deir Ezzor.

He pointed out that a young Man from Al-Marashda village in Al-Bukamal who was a migrant in Greece burned himself on 2-4-2017 , and A person from Al-Muhassan was killed in the battles of Hama against the regime forces on 29-3-2017 .

The reporter of the JFL confirmed that the Islamic state  is continuing its policy of confiscating the houses under different pretexts, meanwhile the regime forces targeted most of the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city with artillery shells , and the fighter jets carried out airstrikes on the neighborhoods of the city as they targeted the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

The reporter added : ” the fighter jets targeted the water passage of Al-Hawaij In the western countryside which led to the destruction of a boat and a car belong to the Islamic state , and they targeted the water passage of Al-Saha village , and in Hajin the fighter jets targeted the oil refineries .

The reporter explained that:” the fighter jets targeted the mountain,Al-Ommal,Al-Arfi and Al-Hamidiya neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor, and a gas station burnt in AlArfi and led to burning of two neighboring buildings”.

In the besieged neighborhoods …A polio vaccine campaign started through four constant centers and moving divisions, after the vaccine was delivered to the besieged neighborhoods through airdrop.

17 people were injured after the explosion of a speeding motorcycle hit a checkpoint in Jazrat Al-Bohamid which belongs to AL-Kasrah township in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor , and after the gathering of the local people , another motorcycle hit the same checkpoint and exploded  .

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