“No Assured News about the Reason or the Side of the arrest Side”

Account of the Disappeared Mohammed Deeb Mohammed Khaled Bakhoraa


Mohammed Deeb Muhammad Khaled Bakhoraa was born in Ariha in 1993; he used to work in the industry field. He got married four months before his arrest and then displaced along with his family to Jaramana in Damascus countryside.

In June 2012, after the family displaced to Damascus countryside, some heavily-armed security elements surrounded their house, stormed it violently and arrested Muhammad Deeb. His family could not recognize the side that did the arrested or get any confirmed news about him so far.

 A member in Mohammed Deeb’s family who was interviewed by Syrians for Truth and Justice/STJ[1] said the family did many efforts, especially in the various security branches facilities to inquire and know any information about their son but in vain. After that, they retained number of lawyers to follow his case but most of them were cheating and telling stories full of lies and empty promises. However, all the lawyer agreed that Muhammad Deeb’s charge was related to terrorism.

One of the lawyers told the family that Muhammad Deeb had died and asked them to take his body from Tishreen Military Hospital along with his death document and the identity card, but the family refused to believe him.

About a week after Muhammad Deeb’s disappearance, his wife asked for divorce justifying that she was not obliged to wait for him after she heard that they are not able to know the fate of the disappeared.

The most affected by Muhammad Deeb’s disappearance was his mother who went into a coma and was just babbling his name all the time. The doctors asked Mohamed Deeb’s brothers not to mention his name in front of her or even talk about his fate as if he was not existent anymore. Muhammad Deeb`s disappearance also caused considerable financial difficulties as he was the eldest son and the only breadwinner.

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[1] The interview was conducted on July 18, 2017 via Internet.

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