Press Release for the Continuation of Airdropping Aids on Deir Ezzor

The government-held neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor have been suffering from the siege that was laid by ISIS since the very beginning of the past year throughout closing all ports in the way of the civilians, neither river ports nor land ones. Likewise, the regime prevents aid organizations to enter humanitarian aids, where the government in Damascus has refused most of the requests that were applied for this regard.

More than 140000 civilians suffer from hunger and the consequences of malnutrition in the neighborhoods of Al Jura, Al Qusour, Harabish, and some parts of Al Jbaila and Al Muwathafeen. Where there are 4300 pregnant women in the mentioned neighborhoods.
There has been not electricity in these neighborhoods since March 2015. The water is available only for six hours every 72 hours. The potable water is not available for all population and sometimes it is soiled due to the poor purification stations and lack of sterilizing materials.
Only one hospital is available in these neighborhoods. The health facilities are considered as out of service ones due to the shortage of medical staff and medications. Only one ambulance is available and it is useful for only critical cases due to the lack of fuel.

Most of the humanitarian aids that were airdropped recently were not received i.e. where the parachutes dropped on hard-to-reach areas and the SARC teams could receive only food oil, which is not useful anymore since there is not fuel or firewood. Whereas, the most needed food items are children milk and the consumable food items that do not need to be cooked. Also, there is an urgent need for the medicine of the chronic diseases such as Insulin, medication of blood pressure, heart and kidney failure.

In the ISIS-held areas, the civilians are still suffering from confiscation of property and high cost-of-living. The executions sentences continue along with death under torture. The education process is absolutely disabled. There is not polio vaccine in the hospitals and clinics.

The next humanitarian aids shall be airdropped on accessible areas in order to enable the SARC teams to receive them. According to our observation, the most proper location for airdropping is the areas between Al Dalla and Al Panorama squares since there is an enough and accessible space. Wind speed and weather shall be taken into account before airdropping.

Furthermore, we request to find a mechanism of participation of the international agencies in terms of receiving and distributing the aids in order to ensure its way to the besieged civilians.

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