Press Statement from Justice For Life Observatory in DeirEzzor

Yesterday, the “Islamic State” organization released a videotape made in Deir Ezzor – or “Al Khair Prefecture” as the organization refers to it – in which it blessed the terrorist attacks carried out in Paris on November 13th 2015.
JFL Observatory strongly condemns the terrorist act. That the “Islamic State” recorded the video in Deir Ezzor rather than its self-styled capital of Al Raqqa speaks volumes about its weakness. Anticipating a retaliation, the group’s members had relocated their families to Iraq and abandoned their main positions to hide among civilians.
The Observatory emphasizes that civilians are overwhelmed by fear of the organization, and completely unconnected with this videotape.
JFL Observatory demands that international coalition forces, especially those of France, refrain from targeting inhabited areas under any circumstances. That is after all what Russia has been doing – killing civilians exclusively.
JFL Observatory asserts that these military actions are ineffective unless accompanied by  serious political efforts and cooperation with Free Syrian forces from our areas that have national aspiration to liberate Raqqa and Deir Ezzor from both the Regime forces and “Islamic State” occupation, and end the suffering of the Syrian people.
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