Summary of the latest Developments in the Regime-Held Neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city

Major accelerating developments took place on the ground of the Regime forces-Held areas of Deir Ezzor city.

The Summary covers the period between the 1st and the 7th of September 2017

The Situation on the ground:

The Syrian regime forces coming from outside of Deir Ezzor province, backed by the Syrian and Russian Air Forces have made significant progress from two axes in the South and West of the city, As they secured the Military Road leading to the brigade 137 nearby the besieged Neighborhoods, the Islamic state group imposes a fire siege on that road, those Forces Dominated the towns of Kobajjep and Al-Sholah southern of the city, Special forces headed to secure the Airport of Deir Ezzor as the Military road between the western neighborhoods of the city and Deir Ezzor,s Airport is under the control of the Islamic state group for several months ago.

 A Map showing the positions  controlled by the Syrian regime forces so far.

On the other hand…in the Battle of Deir Ezzor… the Justice For Life organization has documented 11 Mortar shells were dropped on the Regime forces-Held Areas by the Islamic state group in the first week of September led to the injury of 6 people in Al-Jura and Al-Qosour on the date of 1st September as the mortar shells fell on the worshipers leaving the mosque after Al-Eid prayer, in the same regard, two people were killed in Harabesh neighborhood on the 6th of September.

The Humanitarian Situation:

The General Establishment for Storing And Marketing in Homs province introduced 40 trucks carrying food and basic  necessities on September 7th , the trucks were unloaded in the warehouses of the Governorate and the security branches, and it is expected that those items will be sold via the outlets of Marketing Establishment At prices prevailing in the markets of the rest of the Syrian governorates, in addition to two Ambulances and medicinal substances were sent to Deir Ezzor by civil society associations in Homs Province, the Red Crescent   started the preparation to provide food and medical aid to the Regime-Held neighborhoods.

The developments  on the ground and the entry of truckloads led to remarkable decrease in the prices.

The Security Situation in the neighborhoods of the city:

The Syrian security apparatus  continued chasing the Men wanted to the reserve duty, in addition to the remarkable increasing of houses robbery, Especially in the days of Eid, as the stolen items are being sold in Al-Wadi street.

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