The Difficulties Faced by Deir Ezzor IDPs

Thousands of Deir Ezzor IDPs were not offered with the opportunity to return to their homes until this moment for multiple reasons as mentioned by JFL in previous report.

Fourteen IDPs from Deir Ezzor who are residing in Al Bab city, Jarabulus town in the countryside of Aleppo, Al Raqqa city, Idleb governorate, Al Hasaka governorate, and different areas held by Syria Democratic Forces in Deir Ezzor governorate talked to Justice for Life organization about their daily sufferings in the displacement areas along with their basic demands to enhance their living.

Many of the difficulties are common despite the difference of displacement areas including lack of job opportunities, lack of readiness of the schools, absence of the medical expertise, and deterioration of security conditions.

The Difficulties Faced by Deir Ezzor IDPs

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