The displaced people from Deir Ezzor are suffering from a very bad health and living situations in Rajm slaibi

The displaced people from Deir Ezzor are suffering from a very bad health and living situations in Rajm slaibi checkpoint which is located in the entrance of Al-Hasaka city next to Al-Hawl town and Al-shaddadi city.
Rajm slain checkpoint is under the domination of the people’s protection units (YPG) and considers as the borderline between the areas under the domination of the Islamic state in Deir Ezzor and the areas controlled by the people’s protection units (YPG) in Al-Hasaka Governorate.
The checkpoint is in a Barren unpopulated desert and has about 5600 migrants from the governorate of Deir Ezzor and Al-Mosul city in Iraq.
The migrants stay in the open without any welfare,medical care,services or even tents to sleep in so they have digged holes in the ground and covered the holes with sheets and blankets to put their children inside those holes to protect them from the freezing cold of the Barren desert. But that didn’t help them to survive in that brutal climate or the freezing cold of the desert.
One of the migrants who has got of the camp with his family after they spent almost two weeks in Rajm slaibi confirmed that some children in the campaign are peeing blood because of the freezing cold and there is no medical care for anyone no matter how bad the situation is, besides the spread of contagious diseases among the children like the skin diseases and scabies.
Two days ago it has rained a lot so the small tents and holes which the migrants made them with their hands without any help drowned in the rain.
According to another witness from Al-Hasaka governorate the (YPG) are confiscating the identities of the migrants to force them to stay in the checkpoint and prevent their Elopement but some of the families escaped after they hid their identities from the (YPG) and just gave them the family civil-status book.
The same witness said that the (YPG) prevent everyone from getting out of the checkpoint even if they have a guarantor. And it’s a new procedure after they were allowing migrants to get out of the checkpoint with a guarantor from the local people of Al-Hasaka governorate .and in case the migrant has an airline reservation to Damascus he is allowed to get out.
Booking flights for people in the checkpoint is being Done by someone in Al-Hasaka or Al-Qamishli . The person who book the tickets has to give them to the (YPG ) after that so they approve to let the people go out. Whereas the migrants can’t book flights because the people’s protection units (YPG) took their identities and the family civil-status books and booking airline tickets can’t be done without identities.
One of the migrants has confirmed that he paid 350000 s.p to some of the (YPG) soldiers so they allowed him and his family to get out of the checkpoint and he explained that the current situation in the checkpoint is very bad. There is no mobile phone network, trophic aids,medical supplies or any water to drink or bathing.
The migrants are buying food and water from the (YPG) soldiers at an Extremely high prices.
The migrants are paying 600 s.p to buy one liter of water
1500 s.p to buy one bread bag . Whereas one of the migrants has paid 700 s.p to let his two kids take a bath in the wild.
And about the phone calls the migrants have to pay almost 10000 s.p to talk for 1 minute .
And some of the families have been requested to pay 20000 U.S Dollar to smuggle them out of the checkpoint.
There are about 10000 Iraqi migrants in Al-Hawl camp whereas there are no migrants from Deir Ezzor after the Syrian government has booked flights for them and sent them to Damascus.

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