The Employees of the State Institutions are Included in the Mobilization

Major General Mohammad Khaddour, the head of security and military committee in the city of Deir Ezzor has issued a decision stated that employees of the state institutions should join the military forces as soon as they are requested, JFL reporter informed.

He added ” the decision also stated that it is prohibited for men above 14-year-old to exit the neighborhoods, and permission should be granted only for women and children”.

 It is worth noting that the security apparatuses permitted women and children to exit the besieged neighborhoods without paying money, about twenty days ago.

This decision was issued during the battles between the government forces and Islamic State organization on different fighting fronts where both parties lost many fighters.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor sees the last decision as a restraining one for the civilians movement that restricts their freedom and uses them for military objectives. This decision came to complement the campaign of compulsory military service that was launched by the government many months ago which did not exclude children, that is considered as a violation of the international laws, and will lead to increase the sufferings of the fourteen-months besieged civilians.

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