The first case of Meningitis disease, which caused the death of a woman in Deir Ezzor suburbs

The health sector in Deir Ezzor is getting worse day after day due to ISIS’s actions which led to the shutting down of 10 hospitals around the province and keeping 8 hospitals and medical checkpoints working with less possibilities and weak services, considering ISIS have prevented organizations and supporting parties from dealing with those checkpoints and hospitals in any way.
And what made this a lot worse is the medics and experienced crew leaving their workplaces and taking refuge outside the country because of the abusive treatment they were treated by ISIS.
In Mashikh village of Al-Bsaireh neighborhood on the 13th of this month, a woman who’s 21 years old, a mother of 3 children was dead due to Meningitis.
Doctors confirmed that after taking abdominal examinations, and the lab doctor ensured that to their parents afterwards.

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