The Western Countryside in the North of Euphrates River School are in need for support and hospitals that do not meet the needs of civilians

SDF established military and security centers in the province of Deir Ezzor. The headquarters were based in Al Kasra sub-district in the western countryside as follows; The Internal Security, Traffic, Public Security, and Military Police.

The North of the river areas witnessed cases of armed robbery, prevalence of drugs, indiscriminate arrests by SDF by the charge of searching for ISIS members. The paradox is that SDF released some ISIS members who were jailed.

The level of arrests increased in these areas especially following the US resolution to withdraw its troops as the arrests targeted people who were promoting the idea of tolerance with the Syrian authorities.

SDF affiliated security members are vetting people who recently leave ISIS held areas. Then, SDF enters those people to IDPs cluster point prior to moving them to the sole camp in the area.

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