Together to lift the siege of Deir Ezzor city campaign, the 7th month report

Together to lift the siege of Deir Ezzor city campaign, the 7th month report.


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  1. Places under the regime’s control:

1.1 Living situation:

The siege is still on for the seventh month on the neighborhoods (Al-Jourah – Al-Qosoor – Harabish – Al-Bghaileyyeh) but it was much more tightened; ISIS closed all the smuggling routes through which some people were able to smuggle in some food materials, so ISIS sniped one of Al-Bghaileyyeh civilians on 22-7-2015 and executed another in Al-Jeineh village with the accusation of helping the “un-religious regime”, whereas the regime has lessened the amount of food materials that he used to get into those areas through the airplane for his acquaintance tradesmen after the only Ushin airplane was damaged in Deir Ezzor airport, so the regime started relying on a smaller aircraft instead.

The shops in the besieged areas are still semi-empty and prices are still going up, the essential food supplied aren’t available except for once or twice a week, with less than 25% to 40% sufficiency for the civilians in those areas.

The campaign recorded the death of 2 babies due to the lack of children milk on the 17th and the 21st of July 2015 and a third child who is 11 years old on the 30th of July, 2015. In addition to the death of a woman who’s 53 years old on the 29th due to hunger and lack of food supplies.

Material prices have gone up to never-before high prices and some days of this month were as follows:

One pack of bread 100 SYP

One kilo of sugar 2000 SYP

One kilo of rice 1500 SYP

One kilo of tomatoes 1000 SYP

One kilo of potatoes 2500 SYP

One kilo of meat 5000 SYP

Canned preserves (Beans and chickpeas) one small can is 650 SYP

Mloukheyyeh (Mallow) one kilo 1000 SYP

And what has made the situation even worse is the lack of gas vessels and lack of firewood which can be used for cooking.

In addition, the Syrian security forces are still exploiting the bad living situation and the civilians’ intention of leaving where the price the military security branch would get to get out of the besieged areas by land has reached 50 thousand SYP for every person, and the price to go by plane went up to 250 thousand.

Along with still preventing males between the age of 16 and 45 from leaving unless they pay almost 500 thousand.

1.2  Services:

Electricity is still off in the besieged areas ever since 25-3-2015 despite the periodic promises by the regime to get the electricity back, where he tried to fix some out of service turbines, which provide 14 megawatts while Al-Jourah and Al-Qosoor neighborhoods (alone) need almost 20 megawatts.

Fuel prices skyrocketing has prevented using them as an alternative to activate electricity generators, where fuel prices have reached:

One liter of Diesel 1300 SYP

One liter of Kerosene 1300 SYP

One liter of Benzene 2000 SYP

Besieged areas are being provided with water intermittently with no attempts to filter it, so the water which reaches houses through the main water net is filled with impurities and soil, in addition, the water being distributed by the pipes doesn’t have the filtering values and cleanliness required. Which has led to diarrhea cases and vomiting.

The campaign recorded tens of those cases which were transferred to Al-Assad governmental hospital. The UNICEF has published a news memo on the 10th of July 2015 warning people about water pollution and in the report Deir Ezzor was specified as the province which was mostly going to be affected, the UNICEF mentioned 1144 cases of Typhoid flue in Deir Ezzor city, whereas the campaign assures that the number is much bigger.

1.3 Health sector:

Hospitals in the besieged areas have turned into pharmaceutical-free and specialized medics-empty clinics after most of those medics have evacuated and took refuge. The campaign recorded tens of Diarrhea cases which were dealt with by a nurse and a hospital-servant, in addition to the dis-functionality of the first aid department in hospitals and relying on the Red Crescent in Deir Ezzor which itself is straining with loss of support and unavailability of fuel for the first aid ambulance.

The campaign also recorded tens of cases with “liver virus A” due to water pollution which can’t be handled efficiently due to the lack of vaccination and protection medications.

The campaign also recorded the death of two people, one of them is a woman, after they got a cerebral stroke (clot) due to tiring and high temperatures after they left the besieged areas and didn’t get the needed treatment, in addition to the death of another guy of the same diagnosis.

1.4 Security situation:

The regime is pursuing men between 16 and 45 years old to make them do the military service, as well as warning families in the besieged areas with the necessity of turning their sons in for the military police to protect the city by fighting terrorism as the regime claims.

ISIS is still bombing those areas daily with home-made projectiles (gas vessels combined with a trigger) as well as artillery bombs, the campaign recorded the death of a woman on 24-7-2015 due to bombing as well as another woman and a girl on the 18th by the hands of the regime snipers who claimed their death as a mistake, and another man and woman died on the 21st.

The campaign has recorded the death of two people in Deir Ezzor city, this month, due to torture in the regime’s prisons after getting detained by the security branches of the Syrian regime.

The besieged areas also witnessed some cross-fire between the regime forces and the pro-Assad clans, reasons unknown, which led to some injuries.

  1. Places under ISIS control:

2.1 The security situation:

The 7th month has witnessed the intensity of the Coalition strikes on ISIS territory in Al-Mayadeen and Al-Boukamal city, which targeted the liveliest areas, like:

Al-Baghouz bridge, Al-Sweieyyeh bridge, Al-Sekkah Bridge, Al-Bakaan bridge in Al-Boukamal city, so those bridges went out of service.

In addition to Al-Omran and Al-Hajjanah institute and the water filtration unit and the Green Belt which are ISIS’s vital centers in Al-Boukamal city.

The coalition also bombed Al-Nakheel (palm) farm in Al-Jalaa neighborhood of Al-Boukamal city where there is a training center for ISIS members, they targeted a pre-made factory in Al-Mayadeen city as well, and it’s an ISIS center, it targeted Al-Mayadeen bridge as well as the sand bridge made by ISIS in Al-Mayadeen city to transport heavy machinery, which led to the loss of some meters of the bridge due to the bombing.

The other important action is airstrikes by the coalition to some civilian houses in Al-Boukamal which were taken over by ISIS and given to a military party to live in, undercover, and stay away from the centers which have become known by everyone.

In Al-Mayadeen city, the use of the coalition’s aircraft’s heavy machineguns to swipe through some land targets.

ISIS did some wide capturing campaigns in its areas of control in Deir Ezzor, which included civilians activists in the Syrian revolution and fighters in the armed battalions fighting in Deir Ezzor, most of those have already pledged allegiance and undertook the religious course coordinated for them by ISIS.

ISIS has done multiple executions, where the campaign has recorded 12 execution operations among which were 4 women with different accusations like spying and communicating with an external party, swaying away from Islam, dealing with magic and cursing the Almighty Allah.

The campaign also recorded the death of 13 members of ISIS from Deir Ezzor civilians in the coalition airstrikes and in the battles done by ISIS in Al-Raqqa’s suburbs and Al-Hasakah and Iraq.

On the other hand, the Syrian regime’s aircraft still bombs houses in ISIS controlled areas, targeting crowded places and civilians’ houses, the campaign recorded the death of 19 people, among which are 6 children and two women.

Some unknown groups have coordinated some assassinations with weapons combined with silencers (mufflers) targeting ISIS members, the campaign recorded the death of two people, assassinated.

The campaign recorded the death of two children in the western suburb after they found an un-exploded bomb that exploded after they carried it, the campaign also recorded the death of a small girl by the hands of Turkish guards on the borders, after she’d left Al-Joubeileh neighborhood (ISIS territory) and left to Turkey, but she couldn’t cross the borders.

2.2 The health sector:

ISIS still prevents medical organizations from working in its territory, which has led to the lack of vital medications and vaccinations like Children’s Paralysis vaccine and Rabies vaccine, as well as the remedy for snakebites and scorpion-bites, in addition to the less kidney-purification sessions.

Not filtering the water has led to Typhoid flue spreading really widely in ISIS controlled areas, so in Al-Mayadeen city alone, the campaign recorded 300 cases.

ISIS distributed a flyer announcing the opening of a Medicine college in Al-Mayadeen city specifying the terms for joining without announcing its whereabouts or the date of the first day in that college.

2.3 Miscellaneous:

ISIS increased its recruiting of children using multiple means to attract them, like:

1-Tournaments and prizes done in the mosques.

2- Media points which are distributed in a lot of villages and towns under ISIS’s control, which broadcast ISIS’s actions as heroic leading to God’s content and entering “Eden” (Heaven)

3- ISIS targeted some children by kidnapping them and gathering them in its barracks and convincing them to lift weapons and trained them on them along with suicide-bombing themselves.

4- The educational courses given by ISIS in schools which concentrate on Jihad and its importance, necessity and results.

ISIS is following men and taking them into custody as a punishment for not letting their beard grow and not shaving their mustaches, considering that against the religious dress-code, ISIS also detains a big number of young men daily for smoking or not praying in mosques, and sometimes the punishment would be to let them dig trenches in the hot-areas where ISIS is fighting all the time, like the military airport frontline.

ISIS provided electricity for Al-Mayadeen city by Al-Omar oil field after the new Wali’s decision of distributing it on the city and cutting it off from ISIS members’ houses, so that providing the members’ houses is equal to other houses.

The new Wali of Al-Khair state, has done multiple other changes which has changed the old figures with new ones in an attempt to lessen the grudges against ISIS, so he changed the medical sector responsible person to a new younger employee in the agricultural office.


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