Together to lift the siege of Deir Ezzor city campaign, The sixth month report


ISIS controlled area:

The most horrible criminal activities were experienced by Deir Ezzor civilians on a range of 11 months, it’s the date in which ISIS have taken control of the area, as a punishment for them for not accepting their presence and policies.

The injury of the person responsible of Al-Hisbah’s jail in Al-Mayadeen city was recorded by bombing his car and the running away of one of the parties’ leaders which have taken ISIS in in the beginning of its control on the city.

These areas are being bombarded by the regime’s aircraft which has taken down a lot of houses. Not a day can pass without one family from Deir Ezzor saying their farewells to one or more people by the hand of the regime or ISIS.

Ever since ISIS has taken control of the area, it’s been executing group massacres in the city and the suburbs, and the accusations are already prepared (atheism – disbelief – dealing with the regime) nine executions were documented during this month, with some cases of arresting which end up with the death penalty eventually, and whoever escapes execution can’t escape the revenge arrest or the attack of his house and his income sources and these are the same actions which people under the regime era used to suffer.

Humanitarian sector:

Civilians who are living in the part under ISIS control are suffering from its oppression, and their living circumstances are too difficult for the lack of income sources except for those who plead allegiance to ISIS and gets a monthly salary.

The area is experiencing a semi-perfect halt for relief activity after the responsible institutions were shut off, and concentration of the relief activity in the city and the beneficents are only to be ISIS supporters, most of the city’s people are from the middle layer, working as employees, and they’ve lost their salaries.

They were either prevented from taking them for standing against the regime, or where prevented from travelling to take them from the regime areas by ISIS.

Most of Deir Ezzor suburbs people live on agriculture which has stopped since the beginning of 2013 because of the war on the city by the regime.

ISIS obliges for a number of taxes, some of which are Zakaa taxes which ISIS takes to support his soldiers, and other taxes like electricity for ISIS is the one providing electricity for some areas and villages. ISIS asks for 3000 SYP on every house provided with electricity.

Medical Sector:

The medical situation in the city is getting worse because of ISIS’s control on hospitals and clinics and the abuse of the medical crew. Which led most of the medics and doctors to leave and shut down a number of hospitals and medical points. With a huge spread of illnesses and diseases because of water pollution and the absence of a good health care.

A number of infections with Hepatitis A were documented along with the death of a young man in the city’s suburbs with Rabies/Hydrophobia because there weren’t any necessary vaccinations, in addition to multiple cases of Anemia.

Educational Sector:

ISIS is doing training courses for children less than 15 years of age to come out with a generation that carries their ideology, after it shut down schools for a limited period of time to change the courses and make teachers apply for legitimate courses and deleted some subjects.

The current educational situation inside Deir Ezzor alerts of a future disaster.

The Area Under the Regime Control:

The humanitarian crisis stays the same for the 6th month in Deir Ezzor regime controlled areas (Al-Jourah – Al-Qosoor) and surrounds it in participation with ISIS to starve the civilians.

The news lately is Ramadan, which started in summer, and with the huge temperature which could reach 45 degrees, and the perfect lack of food, water and electricity. Civilians of Deir Ezzor welcomed this month with one daily meal, which is either Iftar or Sahour (breakfast or supper). Most of the time this meal is only bread and some greens, oil and thyme if they were even available.

Civilians are suffering from lack of electricity and lack of cold water, which compelled some of them to buy it. An ice cube’s price has reached 2800 SYP in the besieged areas, one kilo of cold water is 300 SYP.

Medical Sector:

The long siege has led to the deterioration of the health situation, most civilians can’t find food which led to a big spreading of Anemia and Malnutrition, a death of a child (Mustafa Saleh Falah) was documented in 21-6-2015 for Malnutrition and Anemia. In addition to a big number of cases of deaths according to witnesses from the area’s citizens.

Because of lack of sufficient health-care and unavailability of any vaccination, with the water in those areas which are not being filtered, the environment has become sufficient for the spreading of infectious diseases. Many cases of Hepatitis were documented in the besieged areas, along with the presence of expired food supplies which are being dealt with by exploiters and traded by the ill-hearted, lack of many medications and children milk from most pharmacies.

The hospitals in the besieged areas are still semi-shut down because they lack the least needed supplies and utilities, with the absence of the medical crew and the electricity being shut-off from the city.

The Humanitarian Sector:

The besieged areas are living the worst humanitarian situations for the lack of food supplies and the total shops’ emptiness except for greens (Parsley – Arugula – Radish…) which are being planted and cultivated in Al-Bghaileyyeh area (under siege) and they’re not enough to suffice for the civilians’ needs in the besieged areas.

Accompanies with prevention of entry for any kind of pharmaceuticals, and the entire shut down of electricity and water from the area, with the increased request for water in the hot temperatures.

On the other hand, the besieged areas are still being exposed to bombing by ISIS, deaths of 6 people due to bombing was documented.

The lack of electricity in the besieged areas has led students of Paccaloriate and Elementary studies to gather in front of the post-office building in the beginning of the previous month in Al-Wadi neighborhood to start their final certificate examinations since it’s the only building in the besieged areas in which electricity never goes off since it’s the communication center of the area.

The civilians were promised more than once, that the electricity will come back, for 4 hours daily in-turns with the other neighborhoods, using generators that go back to 1970 in Al-Bghaileyyeh station, the electricity came back in 2/7/2015 for only half an hour.

The citizens’ crisis is increasing with Ramadan, no food materials in shops and huge increase in the prices of what’s left of them. In addition to the increase of fuel prices used by civilians for cooking. So that one meal for a family that’s composed of 4 people reaches 20 thousand SYP. According to the witnesses from the civilians, local and trade airlines have stopped in Deir Ezzor military airport, which is under the Syrian Regime’s control and it was the only escape to actually lift the siege. Hospitals have stopped receiving illness cases and they can only provide first-aid. And according to the civilians of the area, the regime members are living outside this siege situation. Which assures the participation of the regime in it as well, and its role in exploitation of the civilians, selling them what they can get through for insanely high prices that are more than any of them could handle.

Lastly, we send a plea for all Media means to cover what’s happening to more than 350 thousand people under the participatory siege by the regime and ISIS, and shed the light on mass-murders and group revenge detention done by ISIS inside its territory.

We ask the UN and all organizations and international institutions to work on helping and limiting the overgrowing of the humanitarian crisis due to starvation, thirst and infective illnesses.

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