Urgent Demands and Others that Require a Schedule

A summary of three dialogue sessions that were held by Justice for Life organization in Deir Ezzor

The efforts of the International Coalition and the working organizations in Deir Ezzor were limited to meetings with tribes’ dignitaries and civil councils and Self Administration institutes in an attempt to listen to locals’ demands and working to find satisfying solutions. There was a clear efficiency in efforts provided by the International Coalition and SDF surveying the demands as they focused on specific groups and sometimes specific persons. However the recommendations provided by the tribes dignitaries and local leaders remained insufficiently answered.

Aiming to engage the civil society and locals in regular discussions about several issues in Deir Ezzor, Justice for life organization held focus group discussion sessions –the last one was on 28 May 2019. Three sessions attended by 31 persons were held. Out of the 31 attendants there were 18 women. The sessions focused on two basic issues: first one was reasons driving young people to join extremist groups while the second was reasons of the demonstrations in the governorate.

Most important recommendations from the sessions: (Importance of strengthening relations between variant people in the area through peace projects, activate accountability principle, stop hatred speech, develop mechanisms to communicate with locals and listen to them and discuss their suggestions.). However, the mentioned recommendations suggests discussion base that includes community leaders and other community groups like civil society and independent activists.

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