The death of six civilians from Deir Ezzor…three of them drowned

The justice for life organization has documented several military operations occurred in various areas of Deir Ezzor province, the resources of the JFL said that girl-child was killed and another person was injured in an airstrike targeted Al-Mayadin city on the evening of August 6, 2017 , Another Airstrike targeted Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood in Deir Ezzor at 5:00 am , moreover three civilians including a child and a woman drowned while they were trying to cross the river from Madan in the countryside of Al-Raqqa towards Syrian Democratic Forces-held areas, whereas another civilian from Deir Ezzor was killed in Aerial bombardment on Al-Raqqa province

The JFL resources Added:” Around 10:00 am on the morning of 5 August 2017, a civilian was killed in an Airstrike on Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood, whereas another airstrike targeted Al-Sousa village around 10:00 pm without any civilian casualties reported”.

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