Justice for Life Observatory in Deir EzZor, Report of December 2015


Areas Controlled by Syrian Regime

Living Situation:

One year went by since the siege has been laid on the neighborhoods of Al Jura, Al Qusour, Al Bughayleyya, and Harabish by Assad regıme and ISIS. The basic commodities were not available except very small quantities at very high prices as follows – as the exchange rate is approximately 390 SP per 1 USD:

  • One kilogram of Rice at 2000 SP.
  • One kilogram of Sugar at 4000 SP.
  • One kilogram of margarine at 6000 SP.
  • One kilogram of bulgur at 1000 SP.
  • One kilogram of lettuce at 500 SP.
  • One kilogram of zatar at 6000 SP.
  • One kilogram of oil at 2700 SP.
  • One kilogram of tea at 15000 SP.
  • Two hundred grams of butter at 400 SP.
  • Two hundred fifty grams of jam at 2800 SP.

In this month, Syria Red Crescent distributed 1000 food parcels to the families registered in the besieged neighbourhoods. The food parcel contains two pieces of cheese, two small juice packets, 200 grams of sugar, 200 grams of macaroni, and 400 grams of margarine.

The governor office also distributed food parcels to the employees of public sector in the besieged neighbourhoods, where the value of the parcel is 7200 SP. Likewise, the office distributed on December 12th one parcel to the families that have one baby aged under five years old, where the parcel contains a butter bar, a biscuit packet, and a peanut can.

ICRC issued on December 15th a statement confirming that it sent 162 tons of food commodities to 183000 besieged civilians in Deir Ezzor. This statement came as the first international statement admitting that there are besieged civilians in the city.

At the beginning of December, there was a severe shortage in the bread in the besieged neighbourhoods due to the lack of fuel, where four bakeries stopped operation and three ones kept operating. This led to the disability of some families to get such important material. So, those families had to buy bread from regime members at the price of 400 SP per bread packet.

In this context, the observatory recorded a death of one baby in the besieged neighbourhood of Al Jura due to hunger.

Health Status

Assad regime affiliated Directorate of Health launched a campaign for vaccine, between November 22nd and December 22nd , against measles and polio throughout mobile teams targeting 27000 babies.

The observatory recorded at least two jaundice infections in ten families in the besieged neighborhoods.

Security Situation

The regime kept its campaign of arrest against the young men whose age 18-42 to be recruited to serve military service leaving for them only two options; either to be recruited, or to pay huge cash.

ISIS targeted the besieged neighborhoods with fifteen mortar shells that resulted in the death of twenty people including two woman and sixteen children. Furthermore, one detainee died under torture in the prisons of Assad regime.


ISIS-held Areas

Security Situation

In December, the battles continued between ISIS and Assad forces on the outskirts of Deir Ezzor airport and various fronts inside the city. In those battles, ISIS could achieve some advancement in Al Senaa and Rasafa neighborhoods. The observatory recorded the death of twelve ISIS members and six Assad regime ones in those battles.

On the other hand, Assad warplanes targeted different areas of the city resulted in the death of thirty two victims including twelve children and thirteen women.

ISIS executed forty two civilians, including one woman and nine ISIS members. The charges were adultery, apostasy, contacting with foreign parties, homosexuality, and fleeing battles. It was recorded that two detainees died under torture in the prisons of ISIS.

Likewise, ISIS lashed a person by the charge of disobedience of parents , and a person by the charge of short beard. Also, ISIS arrested two children by the charge of being in the street during the period of prayer, and a third child by the charge of escaping from the military camp.

In this context, ISIS arrested 110 people who fought previously Assad regime in Al Boukmal city. The condition for releasing them was to be submitted to Shareea course and pass the exam of Monday and Thursday. Accordingly, ISIS released 35 people so far.

The observatory recorded the death of seven fighters from Deir Ezzor in the battles of Aleppo, Idleb , Damascus, Jabal Al Turkman, and Homs as they were fighting with opposition groups.

The emissions of crude oil that come from Iraq resulted in death of three people on Al Zghayeer village. Likewise, four people died due to the gases coming from the refineries since ISIS recruited them to work there.

The observatory recorded the death of seven children with their mother, from Al Mayadin city, while they were sailing from Turkey to Greece.


Decrees Released by ISIS

ISIS continued banning cyber cafes from work without their written approval issued by ISIS affiliated security apparatus. Two cafes in Al Mayadin and one in Deir Ezzor city were permitted to work.

Likewise, ISIS prevented the marketing or selling satellites. The decree was published but not implemented yet.

ISIS reactivated the role of Mokhtar “town mayor” in Khsam sub district, and they ordered the population to register all families in his documents along with Shareea courses.

ISIS established an employment office in Jadeed Uqaydat village and announced job vacancies for aviation engineers and experts.

ISIS prevented people to buy American dollar unless an approval released from Diwan Al Zakat.

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