Nine people from Deir Ezzor were killed in several areas… And the fighter jets are targeting the neighborhoods of the city

The JFL documented the death of nine people from Deir Ezzor including a soldier in several areas of Syria due to landmines explosions,sniping and falling of mortar shells.
The JFL reporter has mentioned that :” on 25/3/2017 a civilian from AlSayyal village in the countryside of Deir Ezzor was killed due to the explosion of a landmine in Al-Msheirfiah in Tell Abyad which belongs to Syrian democratic forces in Al-Raqqa province, A Nine years old kid from Al-Bukamal was killed and another two kids were injured due to the explosion of a landmine in Al-Hry desert which belongs to Al-Bukamal and it is under the domination of the Islamic state”.
The reporter said :” the fighter jets targeted the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor,the surroundings of the Airport, Al-Tharda Mountain and the desert of Al-Mayadin with several Airstrikes , while the desert of Gharaneej in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor has been targeted , the reporter pointed out that a civilian at least was killed by the Mortar shells of the Islamic state on the besieged neighborhood of Al-Jura .
The reporter explained that a soldier belongs to the regime forces from Deir Ezzor was killed in the battles of Jobar against the Armed factions, while another was killed in the battles of Hama against the regime forces.
The reporter added:” a civilian from Deir Ezzor was killed by a sniper shot while he was on the balcony of his house in Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus , whereas three civilians from Al-Muhasan were killed due to a mortar shell fell on their house in Damascus”.
On the other hand…on 26/3/2017 the JFL has documented the displacement of dozens of families in the countrysides of Deir Ezzor after the rumors about the close collapse of the Euphrates Dam due to the Airstrikes of the US-led coalition fighter jets.

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