The fugitives in Hwaijet Qate’ are threatened with death

 Civilians, who are now in Hwaijet Qate’ and try to flee from Deir-ez-Zor neighborhoods, face death because of continuous shelling by GOS (Government of Syria) forces. These civilians cannot move to SDF (Syria Democratic Forces) controlled areas because SDF fear of alliance shelling.

GOS forces are attempting to break into Hwaijet Qate’ which could threaten the lives of civilians. There are fears that members of GOS may do reprisals.

Civilians in Hwaijet Qate’ suffers lack of food and infant formula, delaying their access to safe areas threats their lives.

Justice for Life organization ‘demands:

1. GOS and their allies have to stop targeting Hwaijet Qate’ to enable civilians to cross into safe areas.

2. SDF should allow and facilitate civilians ‘ entrance to their areas and treat them humanely.

3. All conflicting parties have to protect and grantee the safety of civilians, avoid them shelling and clashes and secure safe crossings for them.

Justice for Life organization


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